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A business hotel where you can efficiently travel around Nishiwaki, Ono, and Hikami.

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Hotel Name

Urban Hotel Nishiwaki


150-6 Wafucho, Nishiwaki City, Hyogo Prefecture

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Convenience store within 5 minutes walk.

Access list

▽About using a taxi early in the morning or at night

Regarding the use of taxis in the Nishiwaki district Unlike in the city center,
Since there are only a limited number of taxi companies operating early in the morning (before 7:00) and at night (after 22:00),
It is difficult to arrange delivery.
Therefore, if you are planning to visit the hotel by taxi at night or depart early in the morning,
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please confirm, secure, and respond to your own means of transportation in advance.
(Transportation by car/rental car/transportation on foot/relationships/requests for transportation to affiliated companies, etc.)
  • When using a car

    【For Osaka】
    Chugoku Expressway entrance ~ Takino-Yashiro IC ~ 175R Kitakami ~ Takino-Yashiro IC about 10 minutes.

    70 cars/Free
  • When using JR

    【For Osaka】
    From JR Osaka Station, take the JR Sanyo Main Line to Kakogawa Station, transfer to the Kakogawa Line and get off at Nishiwakishi Station.
  • Access Map

    【Highway bus】
    Osaka Station - about 80 minutes by Shinki Bus/ JR Bus Takinosha IC - about 13 minutes by Shinki Bus Shinki Bus,Nishiwaki (Apika / Nishiwaki City) Bus Stop
    ~ About 5 minutes by taxi to Urban Hotel Nishiwaki

    Osaka Station ~ 50 minutes on the JR Sanyo Main Line Kakogawa Station ~ 50 minutes on the JR Kakogawa Line Nishiwakishi Station ~ 5 minutes from Urban Hotel Nishiwaki

    Suita IC - about 50 minutes on Chugoku Expressway Takinosha IC - about 10 minutes on R175 Nishiwaki Tunnel - about 2 minutes by car from Urban Hotel Nishiwaki